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    Dress Your Windows In Custom Cellular Shades Long Island

    Block any unwanted light and fill your space with soft filtered light with custom cellular shades Long Island. Custom cellular shades Long Island are functional and attractive additions to your bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen windows. Cellular Shades allow soft light into your room while maintaining your privacy. They also contribute to all-year-round insulation. With custom cellular shades Long Island, you can choose from a number of popular designs and colors for your windows. The accompanying hardware is color-coordinated to give your window a wonderful makeover while maintaining functionality. Cordless options are available for homes with children and pets.

    The custom cellular shades Long Island –

    • Have an internal mechanism to keep the shade in position when they are whether fully opened, completely or halfway closed.
    • Allow you to stay in control of the amount of light you let in at all times while maintaining privacy.
    • Provide a soothing light.
    • Provide protection against UV rays.
    • Also provide window insulation to reduce utility bills during hot months.
    • Easy to install and operate.
    • Come in a wide variety of texture and color choices to decorate your spaces.
    • Hassle free cleaning and maintenance.
    • Safe for houses with small children.
    • Available in horizontal and vertical options; varied lift options.
    • Stylish money savers that dress your windows while offering best value for each dollar spent.
    • Can be customized to suit the décor of your room.

    For privacy, superior light control and stylish window dressings, go to loginislandcustomblinds.com and choose the best custom cellular shades Long Island.

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